President’s Column, September 2021

What are you weaving? What is your favorite tapestry hint? Have you tried a new yarn, and what did you think of it? What are your favorite tapestry books? Do you have your work in a tapestry or other exhibit? What are the details of the exhibit? What else would you like to share about your work? Do you have a loom you want to sell? The TWS newsletter is about you, the members. The members’ news is the most interesting part. Please think about the newsletter between issues and share in the newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram.

TWS has an optimistic, energetic board. The board is looking forward to the next retreat and exhibits. We recently held our first meeting via Zoom. Currently, plans for the next exhibits and retreats are in progress. What a treat it is to see everyone even if on a computer screen! The next retreat in Elkin, NC will be the first weekend in June 2022. April is working on the retreat plans, and Leslie is planning tapestry classes to occur around the time of the retreat. Our annual exhibit will also be held in addition to our classes. The Elkin community is very supportive of the arts and the Fiber Center which makes it a pleasure to have events there.

Looking ahead, in 2023, TWS is invited to have an exhibit at the Folk Art Center in Asheville, NC. Betty Hilton-Nash volunteered to chair this exhibit. This is another wonderful place to exhibit since a lot of traffic passes through there. It’s also a beautiful venue. Be watching your newsletters for details.

Next year you may notice that your newsletters are arriving at a slightly different time. The board suggested moving the dates of publication back a month. This spreads out the time between the June and September newsletters so that everyone can get their articles written in a more timely manner between the summer and fall newsletters.

With all the opportunities for exhibiting your tapestry work, I hope everyone is working on weaving. This year’s exhibit is beautiful. Each exhibit seems to be more beautiful than the next.

Don’t forget that Laurie O’Neill is working on putting gallery pages on the website. There is no cost to you for adding your page and information. Laurie put some suggested guidelines in the Summer TWS newsletter that you can refer to as you think about what you would like for your page to look like. Be sure to let us know all about your upcoming exhibits in other places, classes you take, tips you may have, or anything tapestry related. Please also share your work on the Tapestry Weavers South Facebook and Instagram page.

Happy Warping and Weaving,

Terri Bryson

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