“New Works by Tapestry Weavers South”

Eidson Gallery, Foothills Arts Center
321 East Main St.
Elkin, North Carolina
June 5-August 21, 2021

Tommye Scanlin, “Sticks and Stones”

Joan Griffin, “Two Seasons”

Rosemary Smith, “Three Sisters”

Linda Weghorst, “Missing Details” and “Lack of Color”

Linda Weghorst, “Fading Focus”

Terri Bryson, “Voice Transmit”

Patricia Williams, “On the Full Moon of January 4, 2015”

April Price, “View From Lilly Loom House”

Jennifer Sargent, “Green Spade”

Betty Hilton-Nash, “Zag”

Edwina Bringle, “Tapestry”

Connie Lippert, “Emerge” and “Pause”

Betty Hilton-Nash, “Isolation Revisited”

Holly Wilkes, “The Seasons”

Connie Lippert, “Big Time”

Betty Hilton-Nash, “Covid Masks”

Rosemary Smith, “Journeys to the Sun”

Tommye Scanlin, “Passing Seasons”

Genie Greenlaw, “Saguaro Surprise”

Holly Wilkes, “Let the Colors Grow Where They May”

Louise Halsey, “Wild Blue Yonder”

Patricia Williams