Artist Gallery: Liliana Crespi

Crespi Mangroves

“Mangroves,” 40” by 55″

Crespi If I Could

“If I Could,” 36″ x 64”

Crespi Lifted

“Lifted,” 36″ by 46″


Born and raised in Italy, I have also lived in the USA, Germany, Switzerland and Mexico. I took art classes and workshops whenever possible during my travels to satisfy the need to further improve my knowledge of the arts and culture of the country hosting me.

I am fascinated by the pliability of the different materials; like pencil marks on a piece of paper, they meander in space. They connect, diverge, knot, bend and twist at the touch of the hands, a custom that was diligently passed down to little girls while growing up in Italy in order to perform their domestic duties..

I have a degree in fine art with concentration in sculpture. I am currently living in Florida.

Artist Statement:

Threads have always intrigued me. What fascinated me the most were the various techniques used to turn a skein of silk into a sweater or a lace, or a bunch of found leaves into a basket.  

I began to weave tapestries when I moved to Mexico and I have been enjoying it for 25 years. Tapestry weaving is the perfect fusion between my passion for fibers and my pen drawings, enhanced by colorful yarns the pencil marks on the paper become alive. 

Web site:

Liliana’s Fibers