Artist Gallery: Laurie O’Neill

98 Percent Water
“98 Percent Water”, 2015. 26″x22″ Cotton warp and weft, fiber-reactive dyes. Exhibited in American Tapestry Alliance Biennial 11
“Labyrinth at Healing Ground,” 2010. 8″x6″. Handspun wool, linen.


Although largely self-taught, in 2014, Laurie O’Neill received a BA in Studio Art at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She, her husband Sandy, and their rescued cats and parakeets live in Greensboro, North Carolina where she is a staff member in the history department at UNCG. Most of Laurie’s inspirations for her tapestries comes from the natural places of beauty she seeks out in her travels. She has studied under tapestry artists Pam Patrie, Archie Brennan, Connie Lippert, and most recently, Tommye Scanlin. Her work has been shown in many local and regional exhibitions as well as in the American Tapestry Alliance Biennial 11. Laurie dabbles in many forms of art media, but she always comes back to tapestry.

Instagram: @Slowturnstudio

Artist Statement:

I am a weaver of threads and vines, a binder of books, a maker of paper, a carver of lines, a lover of tendrils, stars, and holes.

I am entranced with things that go unnoticed, the magical spaces between yarns and branches, the movement of mountains to sand, and dictionaries.

I love the connection between hand and soul and object, skin and water and sky, toes and roots and earth.