President’s Column Spring 23

Already it’s spring and your all volunteer board has been working hard on projects for TWS. First, we have a new board member, Rebecca Spitler, who will be working with Laurie O’Neill to create a smooth transition as our new webmaster. Rebecca has written an introduction about herself for this newsletter. You will see that she is very qualified with both computers and with fiber arts. A huge thank you to Laurie O’Neill who has served as webmaster for several years. She has made many improvements and will be working with Rebecca during the transition.

MJ Lord is teaching a two-day workshop. If you plan to take the workshop and haven’t signed up for it please do so soon. Details about the workshop have been sent out and are in the newsletter.

Our annual retreat will be taking place June 3-4, 2023. If you plan to attend, please sign up; more details are in the newsletter. The opening of the New Works by TWS exhibit will be Friday evening, June 2. The exhibit will have many works from the Follow the Thread exhibit and maybe some new ones from those who didn’t exhibit at the Folk Art Center in Asheville.

Thank you Leslie Fesperman and April Price for planning the workshop, retreat, and New Works exhibit. Follow the Thread chaired by Betty Hilton-Nash has been a huge success. Betty and Hélène Crié, social media chair, have worked together to get pictures of the exhibit on Facebook and Instagram. As result of their efforts, traffic on social media has increased. Betty also arranged a meet up at the Folk Art Center for exhibiting artists and their guests. Thank you Betty and Hélène for a great job!

Deb Gottlieb, treasurer, has also taken on the task of setting up and learning how to use our new Zoom account. We plan to use Zoom soon to connect us more. Jean Clark, membership chair, reports that there are now 75 TWS members. That is a rise in membership. Thank you, Jean.

All of these things are possible due to the hard work of your board members. The board can always use more help and your input with new ideas. If you have some time to help, please let the board know. If you have ideas that you would like to see implemented, please speak up to the board members.

Happy Spring and Happy Weaving!
Terri Bryson

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