President’s COLUMN, february 2023

Happy New Year, Everyone!

So quickly, the new year is here. We’re in that quiet time before the spring and summer activities begin, and TWS has a lot going on.

First, the “Follow the Thread” exhibit is up at the Folk Art Center in Asheville, NC. The exhibit is gorgeous! Betty Hilton-Nash has done an excellent job, along with Niki Josheff of the Folk Art Center, with this display. Thank you, Betty!

Hélène Crié is doing a wonderful job with the TWS Facebook and Instagram pages. These pages are picture dependent, and Hélène needs your help desperately, and it is a way to show your work. Please post your work, classes, tapestry tips, exhibits you are in or know about and anything else tapestry related to the Facebook page. Hélène will take it from there and get the information to Instagram.

April Price and Leslie Fesperman have planned the June TWS retreat, workshop, classes, and exhibits. The Yadkin Valley Fiber Center has been making tremendous progress this year. There may be some changes to the retreat and workshop. Details are in the membership newsletter. In addition to the TWS activities, there are several local events happening at the same time in Elkin, NC. Details of these events and the Blue Ridge Fiber Festival are also in the membership newsletter, so get your details and start planning now. It is one opportunity to meet and be together in person.

Deb Gottlieb is looking into establishing a Zoom account for TWS. A TWS online meet up is in the works. Betty Hilton-Nash is planning to have a virtual tour of the Folk Art Center exhibit ready to share with membership during the meet up. It is an opportunity to see each other virtually, since we are such a spread out group. Once plans are complete, members will receive an email with details.

Finally, TWS needs a new president and a secretary. It doesn’t matter where you live. Board meetings are via Zoom. All board members are volunteers. Please let us know if you can help.

Hope your looms are warped and being filled with wonderful weaving!
Weave on!
Terri Bryson

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