President’s Column fall 2022

Suddenly, it’s fall. The leaves are putting on their best colors and dazzling our eyes. 2022 has been an unpredictable year with many obstacles tossed in the path of many people, but there have been good things as well. I am just back home from the retreat. It was a fun experience, and I learned a lot. In addition to tapestry, we had fun dyeing with indigo. Best of all, at the retreat we shared the experiences with tapestry weavers. For me, the retreat was exactly what I needed, and I treasure the people I was fortunate to spend the time with.

First, I want to give a huge Thank You to April Price and Leslie Fesperman. April and Leslie are a great team working to see that the retreat and exhibit happen. Due to unexpected problems at the mill, Leslie had to move and switch gears for the Fiber Center more than once. That also meant April was shifting gears with retreat plans. They really came through! Leslie found a space for the exhibit that we had in June. The retreat date had to be moved from June to October. During that time Leslie found a permanent home for the Fiber Center. Next year, the retreat will be back to the normal time in June along with the annual exhibit some of which will be moving from the Folk Art Center. Be sure to read your newsletter to get the exhibit details as well as details about the postcard project. Betty had pictures of the postcards that are finished already. They are delightful.

The board to use some of our money to support documenting the careers of Edwina and Cynthia Bringle. A donation has been sent to Toe River Arts for the Bringle project, a film about Edwina and Cynthia and their impact on Penland and the community. As many of you know, Edwina has been very involved in the fiber community and is a tapestry artist. Cynthia is a master potter The board also voted to sponsor an episode of HGA’s Textiles and Tea. We have requested that that HGA sponsor if possible one of our TWS members or another tapestry artist. As we hear more about that, we’ll be letting you know.

We are an all-volunteer organization. That means there are no paid staff members. We still need a secretary and a vice  president. In the meantime, some duties are being performed as an extra duty by existing board members. For example, in addition to planning retreats, April Price also takes care of the library and takes notes at meetings. April voluntarily does  this, and her efforts are much appreciated. Thank you, April! Sarah is working to transition the Membership Chair to Jean  Clark after serving as Membership Chair for five years. Sarah’s work is much appreciated. Laurie O’Neill is managing the website for us also much appreciated. Deb Gottlieb keeps the treasury up to date and keeps us on track with TWS funds.  Thank you, Deb! Helene Crie takes care of the social media and keeps it updated. Janet Hart is our long serving historian. Thank you, Janet! Many of these things wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have dedicated volunteers. If you have skills and some spare time that you can share with TWS, please let us know.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and wonderful weaving for the rest of 2022 and into 2023!!

Terri Bryson

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