President’s Column

Optimistic, hardworking, and adaptable are words that come to mind describing the TWS board members. Dedicated is another word describing the people who make TWS events into realities. Events this summer tested the board as we planned the second in-person retreat since the pandemic. As the retreat dates approached, Leslie learned that the Fiber Center would have to be closed. Electrical work needed to be done during the remodeling of the building housing the Fiber Center, making it unsafe for people to be in the building, which also affected the members’ exhibit. Leslie Fesperman and April Price scrambled to come up with a plan so that everything would not be cancelled. The retreat has been re-scheduled for October. The exhibit will be in a new space in downtown Elkin. Good things seem to be coming from these sudden changes.

As I’m writing this column, HGA’s Convergence, Complex Weavers, and American Tapestry Alliance are having biennial events in Knoxville, TN. I hope many of you can see the exhibits and perhaps take a class or two. Tapestry has a great presence in these events. There are tapestry classes to take, and well-known teachers are teaching. Jennifer Sargent and Fiona Hutchinson are workshop leaders for ATA, and both Tommye Scanlin and Molly Elkind are teaching classes for Convergence. WOW! Such great learning opportunities. If only it were possible to take advantage of every class.

If articles about the Knoxville Convergence, ATA Retreat, and Complex Weavers don’t make it into this newsletter, watch for them in the fall newsletter. We will also likely have to send out some email blasts to make sure you get the retreat news for October, so be watching your emails for updates about the retreat between newsletters that you will need to plan to attend the retreat. Sarah Thomsen and Allie Dudley do a great job of making communications among us stay on track.

About exhibits: Betty Hilton-Nash is working to make the 2023 exhibit at the Folk Art Center in Asheville become a reality. The Folk Art Center is a beautiful exhibit venue with a lot of foot traffic, and people do buy art work there. This exhibit will begin in January. Be sure to be weaving and watching for more information in your newsletter and email blasts about this exhibit. There will be an exhibit in Elkin in 2023 as well.

We also need your input as members, and your time to volunteer if you can. Contact your board members with information about what you can do or ideas you have. The articles from you also make the newsletter interesting. Please send any news about classes you are teaching, honors you’ve earned, essays about tapestry you have written or anything tapestry related to Allie Dudley at Please send items of TWS historical value to Janet Hart. Many thanks to Deb Gottlieb for taking care of the treasury and Sarah Thomsen for taking care of membership.

Life will keep happening and adjustments must be made as things happen that are beyond control of board members. Many thanks to the all who work so hard to keep the events possible.

Terrific Tapestry Weaving!
Terri Bryson

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