President’s Column, December 2020

(From the Winter 2020 edition of our members’ newsletter, which is emailed to members and can be accessed by password on the Members Only page.)

At long last we’re seeing the last days of a year that won’t be remembered for tons of good things that happened. Like the rest of the world, I’m glad to see the last days of a year that has seemed short, long, distressing, and disorienting.

That’s not to say that everything that happened was bad. There have been some wonderful things to happen.

Now we can all look forward to 2021 with hope since we have predictions of vaccines soon, better treatments, and possibly cures for the Covid-19 virus. TWS is looking forward with some optimism. Leslie Fesperman and April Price are planning an exhibit and retreat for June that we may be able to see in person.

Thank you to each member who submits articles for the newsletter!! Your articles make the newsletter wonderful! It’s fun and enlightening to see your projects, hear about ex-hibits your work is in, and just get to know you a bit better. Your articles in the newsletter connect us to each other. Be sure and read their articles for a preview.

This year the holiday season will be different. Celebrations may be smaller and quieter. People may travel less. Maybe everyone will weave more during the holidays. There will be a different story for everyone. However you spend the holidays, may they be happy and healthy. Wishing all of you a wonderful weaving holiday season!!

Best Wishes,
Terri Bryson

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